1. What is the key feature of TPIA-Synergy platform?

  • The platform helps solves pain points that usually occur in the plastic manufacturing industry.

2. Do the users within this platform need to have company websites or facebook?

  • Each user needs to have either a company website or facebook account registered within the TPIA-Synergy platform.

3. How many members are in for the matching activities?

  • As of mid 2021 the platform has a user base of over 1,000 users; we will continuously improve the platform so that the user base grow quickly.

4. How long does it take for each matching to succeed.

  • The TPIA-Synergy team has full-time staff to facilitate matching activities on a daily basic; the staffs strive to match businesses as quickly as possible.

5. How do the matched businesses actually meet?

  • If the members decide to open the posts to public, the matching can be done by the members as they deem fit. If the members decide to make the pain points and matching private/ not available for the public to see, the TPIA-Synergy will perform the matching for these members privately without any additional fees; the meeting can then be done via whichever form the members choose (in-person meeting or video conference: to be indicated by the members via email).